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How Not To Make a Mistake in Choosing a Marketing Agency

Choosing a marketing agency can be challenging, especially if you are new to the digital space. That is why we have created this article on avoiding making a mistake with the agency and avoiding falling for the bait of deceivers or simply unscrupulous contractors.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the length of time the agency has been on the market. If the agency is not new and has had several customers, you can be sure they are legit. Below we will discuss the things to note when hiring an agency, and you intend to get the best digital marketers.

Things To First Consider When Hiring a Marketing Firm

Having a Portfolio, i.e., Case Studies

If the agency has many successful cases and projects, this is an indicator of successful work and experience. So most likely, the company has already worked with a similar product to yours. And most likely, they already know in advance which tools will work in your case and which will not. This will at least reduce your costs and, at the maximum, will help you take first place in the market.

Reviews About the Agency on the Internet

Yes, these days, a lot of reviews are simply buying. Therefore, if in the reviews on the agency’s website, you do not find links to created sites, screenshots of projects, and detailed information about the results, most likely, these reviews are fakes. So read the cases and reviews carefully.

The Following Are Important Points When Choosing a Marketing Agency

The Presence of a Personal Manager in the Company

Marketing Agency
Marketing Agency

A Personal Manager’s presence is vital as this person will assign and supervise your project. Let’s say if a designer misses a deadline, your project manager will either find a way to rush the designer or get a second one on board. The same goes for the quality of work. It is important for the manager that the project works and brings applications to the client.

Documentation, Transparent Pricing Policy, and Reporting

As a rule, unscrupulous contractors offer to work without a contract, and if with a contract, then without a check. Remember once and for all – the contract and the check are a guarantee that you will not be deceived. Yes, not any contract will save you from failure. So take this matter seriously and other service disclaimers.

Acts of Work Performed

Acts of work performed that your contractor sends you can be used to track whether you are being deceived in transactions with you or whether your money is used for its intended purpose.


Therefore, the agency should have a transparent pricing policy. It will help if you get an explanation of how the prices for the company’s services are formed and what list of works is included in this service. Scammers take numbers out of their heads, which can only increase to get more out of you.

Reporting and Certificates

Reporting is generally a sore subject for many clients; the report should always come to you. This is your form of control over the work performed by the agency. And if you are not getting any reports, you need to consider whether they are doing at least something according to your project!


There are a lot of self-taught people working in the market today. Therefore, there must be Certificates from Google, FaceBook, and other reputable platforms. A certificate proves that the agency’s specialists have the knowledge and skills necessary to set up and run an advertising campaign. Many firms demand their staff to be certified on a regular basis, and they prefer to hire qualified professionals.


Therefore, be vigilant and careful when choosing an agency for cooperation. And to make it easier for you to choose, we have compiled a list of items that should be ironically present in each agency. Also, to ease your search stress, we have researched and recommended Mari Marketing, the best digital and Amazon consulting agency.