Canine Confidence: Advanced Socialization for Adolescent Pups in Greenwich, Connecticut


As your puppy grows into adolescence, building on the foundation of early socialization becomes crucial. In Greenwich, Connecticut, our Advanced Socialization classes are tailored to meet the specific needs of adolescent pups, focusing on reinforcing positive behaviors and further enhancing their confidence. Join us in navigating the challenges of canine adolescence and nurturing a well-adjusted and socially confident companion.

Navigating Canine Adolescence

Adolescence is a transformative period for puppies, marked by hormonal changes and shifting behaviors. Our Advanced Socialization classes address the unique challenges that arise during this stage, providing a supportive environment for adolescent pups to build confidence, cope with changes, and continue positive social interactions.

Targeted Training for Adolescent Behaviors

Led by experienced trainers, our classes target common adolescent behaviors such as increased independence, testing boundaries, and heightened energy levels. Through positive reinforcement techniques, we guide both pups and owners in navigating these changes, ensuring a smooth transition from puppyhood to adulthood.

Real-World Exposure for Lifelong Confidence

In the diverse setting of Greenwich, Connecticut, real-world exposure is vital for developing lifelong confidence in your pup. Our Advanced Socialization classes include outings to different environments, encounters with various stimuli, and controlled interactions with people and other dogs. These experiences contribute to a well-rounded and socially confident canine companion.


Puppy Training Classes Greenwich, Connecticut. By addressing the challenges of canine adolescence through targeted training and real-world exposure, we aim to nurture a confident, well-behaved companion. Join us in fostering the continued growth and development of your adolescent pup, ensuring they navigate this crucial stage with confidence and grace.